Test Stab Sets

Would you like to increase your circuit breaker testing capacity?

New England Tool & Die Inc. has
developed an adjustable test stab
system for your high-current,
multi-amp test set. The components
in our Test Stab Sets are made of
120lbs. of 110 copper. This
system will allow you to reduce
testing time on large jobs with
multiple breakers by as much as 30%.



Jacking breakers up and down will
no longer be necessary with the
adjustable components. With this
test stab system, on-site jacking
equipment, including Hi-Jack
systems, will no longer be required.

With the use of our test stabs and
sturdy four-wheel breaker carts, the
setup allows for mobility of the
breakers as well as changing the
phases and the configurations for
the different breakers.


Our Test Stabs are currently being
used by companies such as:
     - Eaton
     - G.E. Energy
and numerous independent
testing facilities.

The adjustable setup for fused
breakers with offset connections
or breakers with both vertical
and horizontal connections will
be improved significantly.



As a result, the test stab system
is a safe, quick, and versatile
means of testing breakers in a
cost-effective way. By combining
mobility and adjustability into
one simple system, the test stab
set is a "value added" necessity
for any company.



Photos of the Test Stab Set & Components